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Building Management

Building Management

We handle all levels of residential management from tenant acquisition and rent collection to 24-hr services and lawncare and snow removal.

Rental Management Services provided:

  • Marketing available rentals,
  • Showing  rental unit to prospective tenants,
  • Prospective tenant(s) screening– references, credit check [see attached fee schedule]
  • Lease/ rental agreement management
  • Tenant communication
  • Ensure tenant compliance with property guidelines
  • Once weekly building inspection. 
    • interior only when not under a rental agreement with a tenant.
  • Contact service for all emergencies / maintenance related matters. 
  • 24 hour on-call maintenance / emergency repair services.
  • Maintain property in presentable state for tenants.   
  • All necessary general maintenance / repairs, etc. as requested by owner – (invoiced time and material) 
  • Other property specific tasks [invoiced time and material]
  • Create maintenance plan [both short and long term]  with owner as requested